Sunday, March 8, 2009

Four seasons in one day

That's what they say of the weather here. I would say that's true, certainly in my experience of the coming of spring, which feels in some ways its been coming for a while, and in others that it can't make up its mind about coming or not.
Today it snowed twice. Big fat fluffy flake snow that melted on contact with anything - street, tree, face, glasses, jacket. I didn't understand until I got to the church this morning why people were out in a snowstorm with umbrellas, but when I got inside, took off my sodden coat and saw the water pouring off my hood into a puddle on the stone floor, I got the picture.
As I said, it snowed twice. Once this morning, after which the sun came out in bright gloriously clear patches of blue sky, and then after it had clouded up again three hours later, it snowed again. With the same intensity. And then it cleared up again with the same brilliance. Three times a charm? You never know. I'm staring into a lovely pale blue twilight sky in the east, but the clouds are building up in the west.
This picture is taken of a yard just a few houses down from us on Hamilton Drive. The daffodils and crocuses (did you know it is NOT croci? according to spell check...) have been out since my parents were here visiting, which was three weeks ago now. But the deep pink rhododendron caught me by surprise a few days ago. It was so strange to see it in the snow... Since its hard to tell that its snowing in the picture, I decided to include a video Aaron took this morning after I left. His commentary gets abruptly cut off, likely by dying batteries in the camera, so don't be alarmed.

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