Friday, February 13, 2009

Forces of the Universe

Ok. Quick new post before I finish my lunch and run off to my NEW JOB!
That's what this is about.
As of this past Wednesday, I have been on a temporary assignment through one of the agencies I signed up with in January, at the University of Glasgow. And guess which department I'm working in. 10 points for those of you who said : The Geography Department.
Yes, it's true. An extraordinary coincidence. A wonderful twist of fate. This came about minutes after Aaron and I had signed a lease for our new flat, which we are ecstatic about. It's at these sorts of moments that I feel really taken care of by forces of the universe.
Here is a photo of where we are now both working. I know it says Midwifery above us but that sign is from another time. This is actually one of the entrances to the Geog. Dept. (photo taken by our friend Sheila, when she was visiting in December).
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Eve, for those of you who are in the mood. And for those of you who are not, Happy Friday the 13th!

Aaron and Rebecca by BPRD.

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