Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Comeback

Where do I begin to catch up?

The fear of the blank page and trying to fill it with over a year's worth of life events have kept me away from picking up where I left off, not to mention the demands of daily life and the disappearance of any free time to myself. I actually so rarely have a moment that is not filled with meeting the demands of toddler, baby and general family upkeep that when such a moment comes along, I find myself standing lost in the middle of the living room, or poking around in the fridge for some kind of treat like an oatcake and cheese or a bit of chocolate, not really knowing what else I could do for myself in a small space of alone time. It's hard to settle down with a book or start painting your toenails when you know the cry for the boob could come at any second.
But here I am with just such a moment, and instead of launch into an epic blog entry that will tackle all the events of the past year and a half, or promise any upcoming episodes that I will unlikely be able to provide for another half decade, let me just say that today was another trip to Edinburgh.

Me, my dad, mom, my aunt Ellen and my TWO children now, Gilbert and baby Magda, all went to Edinburgh and visited the Royal Mile from top to bottom, and had good weather despite the forecast. As Gil ran and climbed and tumbled with my mom all over the grounds of the Scottish parliament, I fed Magda and watched the slow moving line of people climbing up Salisbury Crags thinking that I've been wanting to do that climb since we moved to Scotland almost three years ago. However, every time I've been to Edinburgh in the past three years, I've been pregnant or pushing a pram. But next time I go, we will climb.

Photo - Magda and Pappi