Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its spring!

It really is. 
But don't be too jealous.  Its still chilly. Although we did have that one day last week of nearly 20 degrees, which was gorgeous.  But extremely rare apparently.
Lots of daffodils are out.  Last week there were an abundance of flowering trees, pink and white. But this week most of their petals are blown off already, save a few that must grow in more sheltered spots.  
We have moved to a new flat recently.  And we love it.  So goodbye to Hamilton Drive, and hello to Raeberry Street. We will miss the views from our old place, but the new place makes us very happy.   It is a two bedroom, with high ceilings (11-12 feet?), a living room and dining room, and a bathroom with HEAT in it!  There is also a drying rack in our kitchen that hangs laundry near the ceiling. Tall windows, 3 south facing, so lots of light.  And somehow it already feels like a home.  
My temp job with the department of Geography at Glasgow Uni is finishing tomorrow. I will be sad to leave, although I am slowing down physically quite a bit as I approach the Ninth Month. So I am ready to finish work and do some nesting.  We are gathering bits and pieces of baby paraphernalia, much of it generously donated, and gratefully accepted. So we are feeling slightly more prepared now.  
My apologies for the short and mainly news update nature of this post, but there will be more once I finish working. More catch up ones.  Now I should go cut up the brownies I made to bring to my last day tomorrow.  Everyone here likes a sweet at teatime.

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ad-terra said...

You are lovely in the springtime my tulip!