Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Settling in

I've hardly drunk any of my tea, but my gingerbread is down to only tiny crumbs.
My daily routine involves some daily internet time either at the public library or at one of the many lovely cafes that offer Wi-Fi.  I have hijacked Aaron's Mac since he is usually using his computer at his communal office in the University.  Other than internet time, it also, at the moment, involves cooking, reading, being covered in cats, and a daily walk.  Sometimes its a long walk, to explore a new neighborhood, and sometimes its a short one to the cheese shop (very dangerous - so much CHEESE!!!) or to a comfort place like the Bolshie cafe or the Botanical Gardens.  
Tonight I am going to a play so I should end this quick.  Not to mention the fact that I think Bolshie is closing up shop for the night and will be kicking me out into the dark soon.

That's one to add to the list of 

Things I am still getting used to:
- it is completely dark by 4:45pm (and its only early November still...)

Note: the picture with this post is of a street just a few down to the east of our street in Glasgow.  

Next Post:  "My Reunion Day with Edinburgh"


Leigh Anne said...

Hey Rebecca,
Your blog is wonderful! The pictures are gorgeous and it makes you seem so close. I think this may be enough to convince my parents sign up for internet at home.

Jen Franks said...

Hi Reebs,

This blog is a great idea! Please keep the entries coming along with pictures. Looking forward to seeing how everything is progressing ;-) !


D'ArcyandAndrea said...

Yah! I feel so much less lonely now that I read your blog. We are in very similar situations Rebecca. Cold and wet was predominantly the feeling for us too, and now...summers coming! It all sounds so wonderful! I'm so glad you two are there together. Sounds like Aaron went first to get settled? Great idea.
Keep your blog as posted as you can. It's so great to hear about your adventures.
Check ours out too...www.darcyandandrea.blogspot.com
lots of love to the both of you. Enjoy this wonderful world. Andrea

Aaron said...

Hey when do we get the Edinburgh reunion entry? and the heater that smells like melted crayons?