Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Reebs has landed

Arrival successful. 
Cats ok and quickly cleared through customs.  And though it often seemed insane to bring them, I am daily grateful that we did.  They are doing good things for my mental and emotional wellbeing, and are easing the transition to a very new home.  
Aaron has found us a truly wonderful flat here.  The area we live in is very lovely, very lively, full of nice cafes, shops and buildings.  Rows of sandstone flats are everywhere.  Our "lawn" is really all moss, and the trees are turning yellow and loosing their leaves.
I feel most alien here when I open my mouth to ask for a tea or introduce myself.  There are a million different accents heard here, but mine is not the most common, and its often mistaken for American.  After the Obama win, I don't even mind too much.  

5 things I love here:
- how people speak 
- the green, green moss in every nook and cranny
- the architecture and its age 
- the fact that people who don't work in theatre go to the theatre
- Ribena

5 things I'm still getting used to:
- being cold and wet most of the time
- looking right before crossing the street (I just look both ways all the time)
- being away from everyone I know (except Aaron, and being back with him is GREAT!)
- buying groceries everyday (cuz they're little)
- the ready availability of scones ( I have to watch it. Tempting....)

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