Friday, July 6, 2012

Typing tiny in the darkness

A new iPod has enabled communication somewhat by providing the ability to type while nursing my daughter back to sleep, though it cannot give me more hours in the day which is what would be truly required to catch everyone up on the latest and craziest chapter in our lives. We, that being me and my two kids are currently in Edmonton Alberta, staying with grandparents for the summer, while Aaron completes his PhD and searches for a job...anywhere. That's a crude summary of a much more detailed situation that I hope to expand on, but my posts are always filled with the best intentions, so let us hope for more, while facing the reality that I am typing on a tiny keypad in the dark. Hmmm, it appears to be one of those nights that Gil has decided to sleep with his head at the bottom of the bed. "...and to all a good night."

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