Saturday, May 16, 2009

15 Random Pictures of Glasgow

Here they are, folks.  We've had random facts and now we have random photos.  Hope you like.

Pics: (from top, left to right) 
- Celtic Cross at the Necropolis
- The old Lyceum on Govan Road
- Detail on an archway of Lansdowne Parish Church, 1863
- Graffiti art on West Princes Street
- The detailing on this block of flats down the street from us is lion heads and, strangely enough, bundles of sticks with axes, a symbol closely associated with Mussolini's fascist party in the 1930's.  Curious about that story...
- A sunny afternoon at the Botanic Gardens
- Blossoms on West Princes Street
- Twenty's Plenty
- Inspiring message under Great Western Bridge
- Outside the Southern General, our chosen maternity hospital
- Old fence and tree
- Glasgow's city crest
- Spring in Kelvingrove Park
- George Square at Christmas
- Mural at the Glasgow School of Art

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